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Commercial Reconstruction Services

In the aftermath of unforeseen events such as hurricanes or other disasters, South Shore Contracting stands as your trusted partner for post-disaster reconstruction in the vibrant Tampa Bay area. Our experienced team specializes in restoring and reconstructing commercial properties, ensuring they emerge stronger and resilient after the impact of natural disasters.

We're Local

At South Shore, we're not just in busienss in Tampa, we live here! With a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by Tampa Bay's climate, our post-disaster reconstruction services prioritize swift recovery, structural integrity, and compliance with local regulations. Trust us to navigate the complexities of reconstruction, bringing your commercial space back to life in the heart of Tampa Bay.

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  • Certified General Contractor
  • Insurance-Compliant Estimates
  • Local, Reliable, and Available Now
  • Licensed & Insured
  • References Available

What to Look for

When hiring a commercial reconstruction contractor, business owners should be aware of several critical factors to ensure a successful and stress-free reconstruction process:

  • Licensing and insurance
  • Experience in commercial reconstruction
  • References
  • Understanding of local codes and regulations
  • Clear and detailed contract
  • Financial stability (check years in business)
  • Subcontractor network

When your commercial space endures a disaster and you need a certified and capable commercial reconstruction contractor, look no further than South Shore. We're here and ready to help!